Consciousness Science: The Human mind and Quantum Physics

Electromagnetic Field:

The electromagnetic field is something which is found in all living beings and it is immensely interconnected with other dimensions and frequencies within our reality. Like the flower of life, each person emits a certain amount energy which connects us all to each other in a geometric, emotional and even mathematical way.)

The main focus of the film is to demonstrate how people have the ability to access and learn from the electromagnetic field, through the act of intention and awakening of a higher consciousness within themselves. This can be done is several ways, however,  this particular film discusses the methods of “remote viewing” “mind control” and “telepathic communication” in order to access and manipulate the electromagnetic field. I will talk about all of theses topics in detail, and also give a few references to support these forms of “communication”, but remember, this is all based on what THIS documentary says. So don’t take any of this too seriously, and go and investigate yourself, if you feel the need to prove me wrong on anything. I am very open for discussions 🙂

My first question is ….Have you ever heard  a radio  signal that is really bad, and then you tried to touch the antenna and move it around to see if the signal improves…? Well if you have done this, then you would realize that the signal on the radio will suddenly become very clear by your (human) touch. You have surly noticed this right??

Well its because humans are similar to a radio antenna in that we both give off frequencies which are enhanced by touch. (ie.. when our human frequencies or energy levels  come into contact with that of a radio, the signal is suddenly improved, since our frequencies and vibrations  are intertwined. Don’t you think thats interesting? I mean why would we have anything in common with anything mechanical, or radio-like unless we are also giving off signals in the same way machines and radios give off signals..

But if we are giving off signals to this electromagnetic field, on a constant basis, then is it possible for us, as humans, to train our brains or bodies in order to actually choose and create the energies, signals frequencies and vibrations which we omit….? I think it is, and a lot of researchers who are interviewed in this film, will back me up on this. But in short, Yes it is very possible for us to become aware of our emotions, feelings, thoughts and frequencies. By becoming aware of all of theses things we also learn how to direct or redirect all of theses emotions, feelings and thoughts in order to help us manifest what we want with our lives. What I mean by this, Is once you are able to control your thoughts and emotions, you have the power to change them! When you change your thoughts, you create different chemicals inside the brain. Theses new chemicals are actually positive, and they  help to emit the frequencies, energy  and vibrations which are then sent out to the field. Thus, If you are able to control and change your thoughts and emotions, to be that of positive and happy things, then you can also change the energy which you omit to the field.

The Healing Process:

The film talks about how people can change their lives  by changing their thoughts. When your thoughts become healthy, and happy, you will suddenly begin to feel better, and cleaner. You will literally feel as if your body has been cleansed, and thats because it has! When a persons thoughts are in alignment, so are their feelings, when their feelings are under control and also positive, then so are their inner chakras and their outer Aura. The tensions between each of or 7 chakras will be released through the changing of thoughts, and one will suddenly feel the weight of stress lift off their shoulders. This is not simply just because we “mentally” fee better….its because we have mentally changed our physical body through the act of intention. We mentally changed our physical bodies to realign our chakras to  give off healthier and more positive vibrations. It is almost like magic when you experience this first hand, and it truly  is an amazing experience, which certainly  has the power to heal a person. But don’t be fooled, it takes a lot of time, solitude, and patience in order to master this. “One must nurture their soul on a daily basis through the acts of meditation and relaxation, in order to effectively create a solid line of communication within the field, but don’t be fooled, it is possible”

Information for this post obtained from this video:



4 thoughts on “Consciousness Science: The Human mind and Quantum Physics

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  1. I agree. Everything has its own frequencies. For instance, we each have a set of brainwave frequencies that reflect our brain’s activity at any given moment. And we know electrical signals travel through our nerves to spread information and instructions. It seems reasonable that those signals could interact between beings.

    A note, if I may. You’ve used the word “omit” twice in this post, Because “omit” means “to leave out”, I think you really mean “emit”, which means “to send out”.

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    1. You make a very good point. I suppose now the goal is to find out how these signals interact with each other…and also what it means when they do.

      Also i very much appreciate your comment! I was a little bit too excited about getting my first blog post put up, and I guess I skipped over the proof reading part. Thanks for the friendly reminder 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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