My very own Spiritual Interpretation

I believe that the essence of God cannot be described as a person, or entity living high in the clouds watching over its creation. But rather God is like an energy force, which created and illuminated us with the divine love, compassion, wisdom and judgment. It is this energy which shines through every biological being, connecting us all to one common source. Within this “energy matrix” we are all one. By that I mean that every single human being has the same potential to change the planet, and not only humans, but also animals and plants alike. You see, we were all created by the same burst of energy. We all have the same basic elementary particles within us, and we all have the potential to harness this energy, and use it to redirect and change our lives.

Yet, as humans, we struggle to tap into this divine source and to learn from its wisdom and enlightenment. When we are unable to become one with this energy, we find ourselves in extreme misalignment. That is because we have lost, or rather misunderstood what the energy is trying to teach us. The source is trying to illuminate us with its simple energy  and color. The energy carries rays of light with it; yet that light  (color) can only be seen or experienced when a person has harnessed this divine energy. This means that “God’s”  light or energy shines upon every single biological  entity in the universe; yet we almost all display the same “shade of grey”  since the color and depth of our understanding has been lost.

Imagine a stained glass window. Now imagine that we as humans make up one very large picture on this stained glass window, where each person is a piece of glass. Now imagine that the sun (or God’s energy) shines down on this window and illuminates it with light. Yet, when you glance at the picture, you cannot see what it is is, since every piece of glass is shining the same color. thus there is no picture. We all shine the same color because we have yet to discover the true radiance of this energy matrix.

By: Mystery.files





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  1. A lovely exposition. I’ve often heard it said that the Divine exists at every point in space and time. Always right where we are.
    This gives me great comfort.
    Once we stop envisioning a man in the sky throwing thunderbolts, we are on our way! 🙂


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